Saturday, 30 July 2011

Views on Multiple Realities

With the recent ponderings of quantum physics concerning our sense of reality and the workings of the Universe, fiction has been quick to seize upon these theoretical meanderings.

We could argue that fantasy in particular has always been an advocate of alternate worlds; from the hidden magical world of Harry Potter, the alternate realities in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, to Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings and Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

Film and TV has not been shy of delving into alternate universes and the surreality of the dream world, in the guise of 'Fringe' and 'Inception'.

What do these views on multiple realities centre around? Well, only 4% of the Universe consists of visible matter, the rest is, well, dark; dark matter or energy which at the moment is indescribable. We suspect it holds the Universe apart and stops everything crunching together to something the size of a football.

But what lies in it? There is certainly room for these multiple worlds, hidden from our physical eyes. To quote 'Seven Point Eight':
'Our perceptions of what we believe to be real and illusory are altering rapidly'. To which the response is 'there are many, many levels of reality...'

The fun comes in speculating what these worlds are like, and I show in my book how beautiful, surreal and puzzling they are; sometimes benign, sometimes with an agenda of their own.

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Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle

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